solstice dawn

14 solstice dawn

To mark the summer solstice I did an all night recording with sound recording enthusiast, Ian Widdows.

First stop was the woods between Bix and Nettlebed.  Arriving about 11pm the wood was silent apart from the slight rustle of leaves and the sound of traffic on the A4130, and then quite dramatically there was the sound of a barking deer barking in the distance.  In the end, I felt that the sound of the traffic and overhead planes were too noisy to get a decent recording and so we headed off to where I knew there would be less ambient noise.

We arrived at Chimney Meadows some time after midnight and began to explore the nature reserve on the search for any sounds of nightlife.  Disappointingly, there seemed to be very little going on at first, but as dawn approached the reserve awoke with the sounds of the birds’ morning chorus.  Surprisingly the dawn chorus began very quickly – at 3.50am the reserve appeared as quiet it had been for the previous two hours, but by 4.00am the place was full of birdsong.  (I had expected a much slower acoustic awakening).  Now the reserve seemed full of recording possibilities and we recorded through to about 7am exploring the different natural habitats.

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