15 overhead

Around Brize Norton a common sound is that of  the various aircraft taking off or coming in to land.  When talking with local people about the aircraft noise I was surprised to come across very few complaints about the noise pollution, but rather an expressed fondness, and even pride, for the different planes that take off from the RAF station there.

Closer to the station it is possible to get a good view of the planes as they take-off or come in to landing, and there is often a small crowd of people there waiting in anticipation.  The most common planes are the Hercules, Tristar, C-17 and also the VC10.

The different planes leave different sound trails, I guess realted to the size and number of engines.  Thus the propellor-driven hercules sounds very different from the C-17 with it’s four jet engines on its front wings.  This particular plane leaves an incredible bass rumble that envelopes the listener like the heat on a hot summer’s day, whereas the Hercules doesn’t have the same bass rumble.

And talking of incredible sounds: when I was there the other day, there was the very rare Vulcan parked up (but not flying anywhere) although I was lucky enough to witness the Red Arrows taking off.

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