three for a pound

17 three for a pound

Many towns in Oxfordshire still have a flourishing food market, at least once a week.  My favourite ones are those where the traders call out to the public, trying to catch their attention and advertise their wares.  Better still is when traders ‘compete’ with each other by trying to out-perform their fellow market stall holders.

This humourous banter not only injects some fun into the market place, but also into the transaction itself, as one finds themselves attracted not only by the price and the quality of the goods but also of the personality of the trader as well. It adds to the shopping experience, making it an enjoyable event with each transaction not being complete until its accompanying conversation is over.  This welcome contribution to the life of the town centre helps humanise what could otherwise be an uneventful task, and offers almost the opposite of that of the depersonalised supermarket, and a welcome alternative to the drone of nearby traffic or piped muzak.

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